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General Manager Tim Cember

Today we have reached beyond the pony express, beyond the telegraph, even beyond the digital cell phone. Today we have the Internet. This has permitted us to instantly send and retrieve letters, books, pictures and audio visual/ streaming. This same technology has begun to effect the radio industry. Presently AM and FM transmissions are streaming their signal over the world wide web.

Consider your advertising potential, to reach an untapped audience  that you probably didn’t know exist ! WCANRadio is a Christian base company which has embraced  today’s technology.

Just think by advertising on the internet you will reach thousands of computers in the homes and offices 24/7. Plus you will save pennies on the dollar. To launch a successful national advertising campaign using  conventional broadcasting, you will probably spend thousands of dollars and need multiply radio stations to complete this task. This is due to the range of each station! With internet radio all you will need is One internet radio station that has the capability to reach an entire nation and world.

If you are interested in advertising with WCANRadio, please visit our contact page.